The Mission

The Centre for Playback Theatre
upholds excellence and ethical practice
in Playback Theatre around
the world as it offers comprehensive
international training, serves as an educational resource, and supports the wider Playback community through its network of trainers and affiliate schools.

The Values

The Centre for Playback Theatre
supports the participation of students
and practitioners from different cultures, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds around the world.

The Vision

The Centre for Playback Theatre – created by Jonathan Fox, the co-founder of Playback Theatre with Jo Salas – supports the ethical and artistic development of Playback Theatre worldwide, thereby promoting healthier, more civically engaged and inclusive communities.

More 2018 Courses coming soon –
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Core Training – New Paltz, NY – Winter 2018

February 18 – 21, 2018
Teacher: Tim Van Ness
Getting a strong start in Playback Theatre means taking enough time to immerse yourself in the rich atmosphere and dynamics of the playback experience. In this four-day intensive, you’ll learn all the basics, with lots of opportunities to practice.

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Active Conducting – New Paltz NY – Winter 2018

February 22 – 25, 2018
Teacher: Jo Salas
This course, for new and experienced conductors, will offer an in-depth investigation into the complexities and artistry of conducting. Students will practice finding the heart of the story, asking the essential questions to create warm-up…

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Core Training -New Paltz, NY – Summer 2018

June 30- July 3, 2018
Teacher: Will C
This course provides a thorough foundation in Playback Theatre. As well as basic skills and performance forms, students will be learning principles, applications, & the history & geography of Playback Theatre.

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Active Conducting – NY – Summer 2018

July 5 – 8, 2018
Teacher: Sarah Urech
This is a course for experienced conductors to hone their skills, and a chance for new conductors to step forward and learn the art of conducting in a supportive atmosphere. We will look at the multiple tasks of the conductor….

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Advanced Skills – New Paltz NY – Summer 2018

July 9 – 13, 2018
Teacher: Jo Salas
This course is designed to bring your practical skills to the advanced level. We will pay careful attention to conducting and acting, including reviewing the main forms and when to use them.

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Shaping the Story – New Paltz, NY – Summer

July 14 – 15, 2018
Teacher: Jonathan Fox
This workshop will sharpen the skills of actors, conductors, and musicians in grasping the teller’s intended story and bringing it clearly to the stage. It will cover the six essential elements of a story and help performers identify the red thread–the connections between stories.

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A Letter to the Community from the CPT Board

Dear Playback Community…

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To the Centre for Playback Theatre’s 2017 Graduates

To the graduates of the 18th Centre for Playback Theatre Leadership…

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The CPT Public Relations committee is looking for couple of new members with differing but important skills: Are you a graphically savvy person who would like to volunteer a few hours (3-4 hours per month) a month to help the Centre for Playback Centre on their Public...
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