• Core Training Chicago

    Core Training Blooms in Chicago!

    It was another cold week in Chicago, but you could feel spring in the air as the Chicago Core Class students from near and far came together and stories were in bloom!  We connected with teachers, therapists, healers, artists, actors, creative arts therapists, dancers, social workers, educators, and even one accupuncturist.  We heard stories of home, stories […]

  • AC-Winter-2014_7

    Winter Session in Saugerties, NY

    During a very snowy and icy February, the Centre for Playback Theatre held its annual Winter Session at Falling Waters Retreat Center in Saugerties, New York. Students from California, Florida, Illinois, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, and Québec, Canada, braved weather conditions to trek to this beautiful spot beside the Hudson River and enjoy an […]

  • Heartsparkle Players

    Thank You For Your Support

    The Heartsparkle Players are an ensemble dedicated to the art and craft of Playback Theatre. We have been practicing this craft since 1991 and have been performing at the same public performance venue, Traditions Café, in Olympia, Washington for 15 years.

  • From left to right: Tim Van Ness, Sheila Donio, Veronica Needa, Jennie Kristel, Pamela Freeman, Anne-Liese Juge Fox, and Jonathan Fox

    The Annual CPT Board Meeting

    The CPT Board held our annual meeting at Board Chair Jen Kristel’s home and office in Burlington, VT for a full three-day retreat Nov 15-17. Jennie hosted Vice-President Pamela Freeman, Secretary Sheila Donio, Veronica Needa, and myself, Anne-Liese Juge Fox, and founder/advisor Jonathan Fox with facilitation offered by Tim Van Ness.