To meet the need for students, Playback companies, universities, and other institutions to have a means of identifying fully competent trainers, the Centre for Playback Theatre has developed an accreditation program. A list of Accredited Playback Theatre Trainers (APTTs) is published on the website.

New applications are considered four times per year (deadlines are announced by the Centre). The application form, with detailed requirements, is available HERE . Applicants are also required to agree to a Code of Ethics and to commit to supervision.

There is a nonreturnable application fee and a further fee to register if you are granted accreditation. Registration is for three years, after which renewal is required. Fees cover translation costs as well as administrative expenses.

Applications are reviewed by an independent Accreditation Board, appointed by the Centre board, made up of long-established practitioners and trainers. Accreditation Board members, who are unpaid, serve for up to three years, replacing themselves with other accredited trainers. The current board is Endel Hango (EE), Leticia Nieto (USA), Jan Platander (SWE/NO), Tim Reagan (USA), Joke Rood (NL) .

Applicants who disagree with the Accreditation Board’s decision may use the appeals process described here.

The Centre acknowledges, and supports, the reality that training by people who are not qualified (or not yet qualified) to be accredited will continue. But the accreditation program creates benchmarks of highly competent training for those who seek training on this level. Having these benchmarks also encourages more people to obtain thorough training in order to one day qualify for accreditation.

We look forward to your applications. Next deadline to apply: TBA

For more information on Accreditation and How It Works please review THIS document.
Please see information about an appeals process HERE.
View a list of our Accredited Trainers HERE
Renewal Application for Accreditation