Accredited Trainers of Playback Theatre


No APTT’s to date


Kayo Munakata
Background in education. Director/founder of School of Playback Theatre Japan.
Special interest: conducting, teaching PT.

Josephine Lin (Shuling)
+886 933888442
Drama Therapist. Artistic Director of Even Near (First PT company in Taiwan since 2004)
Specialty in Woman Empowerment, Storytelling and Clowning.


No APTT’s to date


Anna Chesner
Background in psychodrama, dramatherapy, group analytic psychotherapy and training. Anna is co-director of the School of Playback Theatre UK and is mentor of Gehdicht in Swizerland. Anna enjoys teaching all aspects of playback theatre and mentoring new companies.

Luigi Dotti
Founder and Leader (with Laura Consolati) of Compagnia del Fare e Disfare – Playback Theatre Company in Brescia (Italy) since 1994. Author of Storie di vita in scena (Stories of Life on the Scene: PT as act of service for individual, group and community) and other publications.

Ariane Ehinger
Berlin, Germany
Ariane’s background: music, drama school, psychotherapy/Psychodrama. Co-founder and since 2006 leader of Playback Theater Berlin. Ariane speaks German, French and English and she enjoys teaching all aspects of Playback Theatre and mentoring companies. She is also the chair of the German Playback Theatre School.

Daniel Feldhendler
Germany and France

Born in Paris (France), lives in Frankfurt/Main (Germany).
Playback Theatre since 1988, Co-founder with Marlies Arping of Spiegelbuehne Frankfurt (1994), Co-founder and Board member of German speaking Playback Theatre Network in Frankfurt (Playback-Theater-Netzwerk e.V.) and Affiliated School of Playback Theatre with CPT NY. Senior Lecturer at Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany. Trainer in Psychodrama (Moreno-Institute, Germany), Coaching & Supervision (DGSV). Current focus on Playback Theatre as dialogue and social mediation; integration with Psychodrama, Action Methods, Life Stories approaches, Supervision and Life Coaching. He contributes to developments and teaching in French Speaking areas.

Since 1992, he has taught Playback Theatre in French, German and English in many European countries and Canada.

Simon Floodgate
Background as a community theatre artist, academic and teacher of theatre. Currently co-director of the UK School of Playback Theatre, I completed Leadership in 2006.

My training interests encompass all aspects of Playback theatre with an emphasis on the art of the Actor in relation to stagecraft, improvisation and social action. Supporting the emerging Playback Theatre community in the Czech Republic. I also work within the field of deaf and disability arts and lecture and research in deaf sign language in performance at the University of Reading, UK.

Karin Bettina Gisler
Phone: +41 79 420 39 18
Skype: karinbettina
Karin Bettina Gisler lives in Zurich, Switzerland. She has been a Playback Practitioner since 1990. Karin is a Founder and leader of Playback-Theater Zurich, a professional Playback-Company and a member of the teachers board of the German Playback-school. Karin has been a trainer in Central-Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Kuba, Burundi, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and India. She is a member of the Board of IPTN.

Ella Hofmann
Zürich, Switzerland

+ 41 44 252 03 91

Ella Hofmann is an actress and trainer. She teaches all levels of Playback Theater, to all age groups. She also trains groups of non-Playbackers (organizations, business, children, group of friends) to perform Playback Theater at a given occasion.
Topics of special interest include: Connecting body and voice, structure and dramaturgy of stories, making real connections on stage, working with music, finding meaningful words, the teller’s actor, the essence of stories, fun and different forms, Playback for two actors, conducting.

Margarete Meixner

Tel.: +43 676 619 8 614
Margarete is theatre worker, coach and supervisor. She is founder and leader of SOG. THEATRE, a professional theatre organisation, specializing in the use of Playback Theatre for community and organizational development, intergeneration and intercultural processes. She is member of the teachers board of the German Playback Theatre School.

Her vision of a “good” Playback Theatre is a theatre which connects and concentrates in a wonderful aesthetic way. A humorously mirror with a tender and warm irony, humanity and heartiness, with the focus on both seemingly banal or great stories. A theatre, which expresses what is happening on the inside, touches the soul and where you have a lot to laugh. That this vision step by step becomes true, therefore I want to be a trainer.
Practitioner since 2009

Davide Motta
Milan, Italy
Co-founder, conductor and actor of “Impronte” playback theatre, Milano. He is playback theatre practitioner since 2004. Psychologist, he has been involved in many projects using playback theatre in community development, such as psychiatric issues or adoption.

He is a teacher of the Scualoa Italiana di Playback Theatre (Italian Playback Theatre School) since 2008.

Veronica Needa
UK and Hong Kong
A Hong Kong-born Londoner, professional theatre worker & storyteller, she has been a PT practitioner since 1991. President of the International Playback Theatre Network (1998-2003); Director of the School of Playback Theatre United Kingdom (2006- ), founder of London Playback Theatre ( & True Heart Theatre (; Board member of the Centre for Playback Theatre and chair of the International Programming Committee. Coach and mentor for groups. Teaching at all levels with international experience.

Joke Rood
Co-founder of in 1997, former board member of IPTN, graduate of Centre for Playback Theatre. Organizer of the European Playback Theatre Gathering in 2014. Led playback trainings in Holland, India, Finland, Germany and Belgium. Speaks Dutch, English and a little German and French. Likes to teach the effectiveness of playback theatre in ”surfacing critical issues, celebrating successes and endings, energizing and clarifying vision, building empathy and cohesion and bringing out ‘unheard’ or minority voices” (from Change Handbook edited by Holman, Devane & Cady).

Practical teaching in conducting, artistic skills, deep listening, games, combined with theory.

Fra Zeller
Art therapist, drama teacher, actress, coach; teacher and mentor of Playback Theatre in Switzerland and Germany. Have led trainings in many different countries.
I speak German, English, French and Italian.
I teach all aspects of Playback Theatre.
Special training interests: training of artistic skills; dramaturgy in Playback using body language, space and music beyond words.


Donáth Attila
phone numbers: +36307335556, +36302433158
I apply the Playback method currently in different areas: training, development (of social key competencies, self-knowledge, creativity, and talent care); organizational and management development, consulting (training, supervision); and also art therapy treatment (for prevention and mental-hygiene). These areas cover a broad spectrum of target groups: from students to psychodrama specialists, from those with special needs to top managers.

My strengths are multidisciplinarity and system-approach, as also indicated by my qualifications (special education teacher, human resources specialist, social policy specialist, supervisor).

Tihamér Bakó

Phone: +36 30 5452 334
I often use playback as a technique of self-knowledge in my private therapeutic work. Iregularly use it playback by its own in my therapies because of my psychoanalytical and psychodramatical background. For me as the leader of the Playback department of the Hungarian Psychodrama Society is vital and far more important to use playback in the private therapy beyond just in the theatre. It has evolved from there but it is essential to bring out and find new ways of its usefulness.
When building a theatrical company, or when I teach, held training the self-knowledge of the participants are always in a focus of my work.

Lyubitov Igor
+7 916 560 2690
Member of the Russian Central Playback Theatre School board
Playback Theater “Alchemistry”, art director, conductor, actor
Art director of the PT studio “Bolshoi Theatrick”
Special Interests: Ethno-cultural aspects, the cultural backgrounds, myths and archetypes in PT performance
Psychologist, Psychodrama therapist
Moscow, Russia

Olga Sanachina
Olga is one of the founders, actresses and conductors of the oldest Russian playback theatre, “New Jazz,” begun in 2008 in Moscow. She is a creator and coordinator of a number of playback projects in Russian, some made in cooperation with international partners. She is a psychologist, psychodramatist, former social worker and business-trainer, and is a graduate of the leadership playback course in 2012.

Olga is also a Russian Master of Sport (granted for sports achievement) in rhythmic gymnastics. She plans to develop the connection between classical theatre, experimental social theatre work and playback and share this experience with others. She has participated in a three year intensive program for directors, Theatrical School in Poland Theatre (Moscow), and has experience in various theatrical and dance projects.

As a trainer she can work with such topics as authentic presence on stage, dynamic energy of stories and performance, how to use the body to be more truthful on stage, and preparing the participants to play to any social group.

Anastasya Vorobyova
Phone: +7 916 027 61 15Artist, performer, social activist for human rights, co-founder school of performance.

Social interests: teaching Playback Theater, work with the body, conducting, psychodrama.


Shirley Legum
Shirley is a classically trained actress, dancer, director, and certified group therapist. For eleven years she has been a member of “Play-Life” in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Shirley is a playback theatre teacher, acting coach and leader belonging to the Playback Theater Israeli Association and its Leadership forum. During 2013, Shirley has founded “Chapter B” Playback Theater group in Tel-Aviv.

Shirley conducts PT trainings and workshops all over Israel and internationally, specializing in teaching authentic theatrical and movement skills and in building communities, focusing on issues of identity and belonging. Currently, Shirley is studying Psychotherapy at Adler’s Institute and combining Adler’s methods for life with Playback theatre work.

Ben Rivers
Occupied Palestine
Ben Rivers is an educator and drama therapist specializing in the use of Playback Theatre for community mobilization, cultural activism and collective trauma response. He has taught and practiced in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and North America. Ben works at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine, where he co-founded the Freedom Bus initiative. Ben holds a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, USA. He is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the University of New England, Australia.

Aviva Apel-Rosenthal
Aviva is founder and artistic director of ‘Play-Life’ Playback Theatre in Israel since 1991 and co-founder of the Israeli PB School since 2001. She is teaching PB internationally in 22 countries. Aviva is also an Assistant Teacher in Leadership course with J. Fox and a PB trainer for CPT. 
Aviva is an expert for upgrading Artistic skills and therapeutic awareness based on her past as a theater actress and director, her therapeutic education and her long PBT experience.

Aviva is offering workshops all over the world for advanced skills to develop and bring Playback to its full capacity of Art and Healing, and upgrading company life and artistic level of performances.

Nurit Shoshan
Mobile 054-5958433
Nurit is a full-time Playback Theatre practitioner. She teaches and conducts PT workshops and performances for artistic, therapeutic and business oriented organizations with ‘Play-Life’ Playback Theatre Company, in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is the founder of “creative space” Playback Theatre. She has been a Playback Theatre actor, conductor and practitioner since 1991. For over 14 years now, she has been conducting groups and performances dealing with crises and trauma.
Together with Aviva Apel-Rosenthal, she directs the Israeli School of Playback Theatre which is affiliated with the Centre for Playback Theatre in New York, USA.


Penny Clayton
Penny is a graduate of the Centre of Playback Theatre (2006) and has been a member of Hudson River Playback since 1998. She used many of her experiences in playback performing and teaching for credits toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Theatre for Social Change. Penny finds great joy in teaching both for the Centre as well as developing specific workshops to deepen the artistic and ensemble work of established PT companies. She is also available to offer the training for the No More Bullying! performance and residency program developed by HRPT to PT companies interested in working in schools embracing an initiative to increase student safety and compassion.

Debe Edden
Olympia, WA

(360) 943-6772
Debe is an activist, dedicated educator and professional performer. She founded her Playback Theatre company, the Heartsparkle Players, in 1991. She is the Artistic and Managing Director and shares in conducting and acting. She graduated from the Centre in 1996, is currently on the Centre’s North America Programming Committee and has taught for the Centre. Throughout her rich and varied work and performance life, Playback Theatre has been a red thread of creative inspiration, community building and hope. She loves to teach: supporting youth and people with a spectrum of abilities, public performances and community building, all levels of Playback, company leadership and conducting.

Hannah Fox
1 (917) 699- 1196
Hannah Fox is a long-time teacher and practitioner of Playback Theatre and Artistic Director of Big Apple Playback Theatre in New York City. She is also a full-time professor of dance and theatre at Manhattanville College and a full-time mom.

Jonathan Fox
Jonathan is a co-founder of playback theatre and the director emeritus of the Centre for Playback Theatre.

Pamela Freeman
I am a graduate of the Centre of Playback Theatre. I am available to teach Core, issues around Social Justice and diversity, and using Playback to help with trauma. I also enjoy leading workshops around company issues.

Sarah Halley
Sarah has been studying and teaching Playback Theatre since 1994. She has founded 2 playback companies and currently is the co-director of Playback for Change in Philadelphia, PA USA. Sarah is committed to using playback theatre as a vehicle for social change, by supporting tellers who are typically not heard to tell their stories, by inviting stories that often do not get told, and by training PT actors to meet the challenge of hearing and bringing those stories to life.

Jennie Kristel
Jennie Kristel, MA, REAT, RMT, has been on the Board of Directors of the centre for Playback Theatre since 2001. Jennie has been teaching Playback since 1998, and teaches Playback Theatre in South Asia, working with area NGO’s on social issues as a way to support people in understanding their deeper stories, resolve conflict and help build community. Jennie was the founder and artistic director of Vermont Playback Theatre for 13 years, and uses Playback in her work as an expressive therapist to support people in finding their voice, working working to help people to experience empowerment, in order to make healthy choices, reduce conflicts and make transformational change.
Jennie loves to teach foundational courses including Core, Active Conducting and the Therapeutic Elements . She also is happy to offer mentoring and supervision.

Paul McIsaac
My focus these days and the area where I think I have the most to offer is exploring and developing ways PT can address the challenges we all face with climate change and the uncontrolled technologies that threaten all life on our planet. If you or your PT company wants to address these problems I’m eager to share ideas and work with you.

Liz Muckley
Liz is a professional actress and drama therapist. She has practiced Playback Theater in many contexts from after-school programs to corporate staff development. She has started four Playback companies over the last 23 years and has mentored Playback Companies throughout the Mid- West. Liz is dedicated to spreading Playback’s transformative power as an Actor, Conductor, Mentor and Teacher. Her particular interests include ensemble building, the use of the body and voice in service to authentic Playback acting and conducting skills.

Leticia Nieto. Psy.D., L.M.F.T, C.P.
Olympia, Washington

I have been deeply involved in Playback Theatre since meeting Jonathan Fox in 1989. I have formed and trained troupes that embrace the mission of providing service performances. I am currently trainer and conductor for Pasajer@s Playback, a company dedicated to Playback with an emphasis on social change and informed by anti-¬-oppression theory and practice. I have also worked with individuals and collectives in Mexico who have now created vital Playback groups.

I am a Professor in the M.A. in Counseling Program at Saint Martin’s University. I also provide anti-¬- oppression training based on my book, Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment.

Tim Reagan, PhD
Phone: 301-221-3193
Office: 202-537-2454
Tim has a PhD in expressive therapies from Lesley University, and specializes in Playback with adolescents.
He is the director of the drama program at Sidwell Friends Middle School in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of the Playback Theatre School and an accredited Playback Theatre trainer. Tim directs Vertical Voices Playback Theatre and advises Friendly Rewinders Playback, both at Sidwell Friends School. He is a registered drama therapist and holds certificates in discipline-based and standards-based theatre education.

Jo Salas
Cofounder of Playback Theatre. Founder and artistic director of Hudson River Playback Theatre. Core faculty member of the Centre for Playback Theatre. Author of Improvising Real Life: Personal Story in Playback Theatre and other publications. I enjoy working with companies or teaching open workshops, from introductory to advanced levels and on any aspect of Playback Theatre including conducting, music, and how to teach Playback.

Deborah Scott
Asheville, NC USA
Deb Scott studied acting with Stella Adler, worked in NYC for 15 years as an actor and designer, and earned a Masters in Humanistic Education at SUNY New Paltz. After moving to NC in 1994, became a founding member of Asheville Playback Theatre, and was Artistic Director for 18 years.

Deb currently works as a Life Coach with low income individuals who are becoming self-reliant, and re-writing their stories. The riches of PBT inform all aspects of her life. Currently teaching monthly PBT workshops open to the community; most interested in how sharing storiesleads to empowerment.

Judy Swallow
Judy was a founding member of the original Playback Theatre company. In 1985 she started Community Playback Theatre, which has been performing regularly in Highland, NY ever since. She is very interested in how stories get heard and how the body/mind of the actors respond to what they hear and see – and to each other. She is a psychodramatist and explores how groups co-create successfully together. She loves introducing Playback to new groups, and is happy to learn from other people who know and love Playback.

Tim Van Ness
Tim Van Ness is founder and President of Van Ness & C0. He’s a 27-year Playback veteran: Member -­‐ Boulder Playback (CO); Founder/Artistic Director -­‐ Boston Playback, and Valley Playback (Amherst, MA); Founding partner -­‐ DramaWorks InterActive (Northampton, MA). He consults to, trains and performs for PT companies internationally. He graduated in the first class of the School of Playback, served on the first Board of IPTN, and now serves on two committees for the Centre For Playback Theatre. Tim’s been a visiting professor at Antioch (Keene, NH), NYU and the Stockholm School of Economics, and delivered Leadership programs for Harvard Executive Education.

Sarah Urech
1-845 658-8866
Skype: sarahurech
Since 1994, Sarah Urech has been acting, conducting, and teaching with Hudson River Playback Theatre, founded by playback co-founder Jo Salas. Sarah serves on the faculty and North American Program Committee of the Centre for Playback Theatre and is a previous board member of the International Playback Theatre Network. She has performed and taught playback in 14 countries, including Cuba, Japan, and Russia. She specializes in teaching foundational playback in international, multilingual settings on topics including conducting, ritual, therapeutic elements, and the social dimension, and also offers supervision. A Licensed Master Social Worker and certified psychodramatist, Sarah is originally from Switzerland and speaks seven languages.


Pontus Holmgren
+46 708 44 99 50
Pontus has a MS in Psychology and has specialized in group- and organizational development. For the last 20 years he’s been involved in the development of leaders and organizations internationally.

He lectures on change and group dynamics at Stockholm University and is a faculty member at IFL at SSE and the Stockholm Open Lab for complex societal challenges. He is a certified facilitator (IAF).

Pontus is an actor, conductor and producer in TeaterX, Stockholm, and a trainer at Scandinavian Playback Theatre Studio and teaches core training and advanced topics such as “conducting” and “playback for change” and “playback in organizations.”


Sheila Donio
Strengthening the work of many teams since 2004, Sheila is a graduate of CPT. Her areas of focus in teaching include spontaneity and group process; Playback Theatre in situations of trauma; teaching Playback for beginners; and coaching leaders within and beyond Playback.

A theater actress and workshop facilitator, with extensive experience since 1992, both in Brazil and abroad, Sheila is the current Chair of the Board of Directors of CPT.

After joining two Brazilian Playback companies working primarily with corporations, in 2008 she was a guest actress with several American companies and became a trainee in Arts and Social Transformation at Brandeis University. Sheila founded SDW and now visits many countries facilitating workshops and performing Playback Theatre.

Antonio Vitorino Cardoso Neto

Teacher and Art Director of PT
Psychodrama Psychoterapist
Phone: +55 41 91045234

Loreto Campusano Saravia

Phone: +569 77653651
Psicoterapeuta, Psicodramatista. Leadership in Playback Theatre. Directora en Teatro Espontáneo. Actriz de Oficio. Desarrollos en Clown Hospital, Dramaterapia y Teatro Del Oprimido. Trabaja en Salud Pública e Instituciones Educacionales en Santiago de Chile. Directora Compañía Teatro Playback VUELO, y Colectivo Teatral ALAS. Secretaria Regional para América Central y América del Sur de IPTN.

Psychotherapist, Psychodramatist. Leadership in Playback Theatre. Director at Spontaneous Theater. Professional Actress. Improvements in Clown Hospital, Drama Therapy and Theatre of the Oppressed. Work in Public Health and Educational Institutions in Santiago de Chile. Director VUELO Playback Theatre Company and ALAS Theater Collective. Regional Secretary for Central America and South America IPTN.