“It’s been a wonderful adventure taking classes in a beautiful, international community.”
“I had a very good experience, where I could feel the efficiency of Playback Theatre as a tool for social change.”
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“Thank you for an amazing and profound experience.”
“Being in a learning experience with an instructor who models authenticity is a powerful way to enable me to relax, open-up, and learn more.”
“The instructors and fellow students have helped me to grow compassionately -without judgments.”
“A great experience! I look forward to more Playback courses.”
“It’s been a wonderful experience to my mind, heart and body.”
“This was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had and I definitely plan to continue with Playback Theatre.”
“This has been an artistic experience I will never forget.”
“I grew as a Playback performer.”
“So totally fabulous from start to end… would not change a thing.”
“I found the training to be of great benefit to me personally. It was helpful in that I was pushed to be more comfortable with expression through performance.”
“Jonathan is a wonderful teacher. His humility touched me”
“I like everything that was presented, especially the level of group trust and support that was shared.”
“Thank you for a wonderful learning and living community experience.”