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Sample Essay Topics

Essay Ideas

Beijing Opera and PT: Crossing the Bridge

Ethics and the Contract in Playback Theatre

Playback als Mündliches Theater

In Search of the Healing Theatre of Ancient Greece

Some thoughts about spontaneity from a former skeptic.

PT & Zen

Oyeblikkets Teater: Storytelling med Helbredende Effekt

Self Expression Theatre Workshop

Unraveling Words and Weaving Images: Finding the Emerging Story in a PT […]

CPT Playback School Asia 2012 – Singapore

The development of Playback Theatre in the Asia Pacific region is growing apace. To support learning and integration of PT skills for already practicing playbackers, from 28 September to 11 October in 2012 the Centre for Playback Theatre hosted its first multi-course training in Asia.
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The Centre for PT in the Deep South

For the first time in the United States, CPT is sponsoring Core Training in the South this coming spring in beautiful Magnolia, Mississippi-just an hour and a half outside of New Orleans. It is the hope of the Centre that by making Centre trainings more available to current and future Playback practitioners
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A Successful Summer Series

The Centre for Playback Theatre had a very successful, and full, 2012 summer series. We offered a total of 5 amazing courses between June 29th and July 8th: Core Training with Judy Swallow; Active Conducting with Hannah Fox; Catching the Story with Jonathan Fox and Sheila Donio; Healing the Wounds of Racism with Pamela […]

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Practice in Hong Kong

The Playback Theatre community in Hong Kong has developed apace since its first introduction in 1996. The Arts with the Disabled Association in Hong Kong (HKADA) has been a key influence from the beginning. It was able to seek funding for Playback training so that many of the early courses in Playback Theatre in […]

2012 Playback North America Festival

Come to the 2012 FESTIVAL Making Life Visible: Playback Theatre on the North American Stage, Oct. 5-8th (Columbus Day weekend in the U.S.), Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC. Register prior to July 11th to receive the early bird special!

My Recent Trip to Bangladesh

My recent trip to Bangladesh was very full and complex - Bangladesh itself is complex- socially, economically and politically. This trip however, had a little more complexity to it, than in my previous visits, in that it included a trip to the small village of Mirasarai to do anti bullying work using art, and Playback (using the No More Bullying model designed by Hudson River Playback Theatre Company) and to support continued grief and trauma work. . .

Taking a Workshop Exploring Race

Why Should Playback Practitioners Take a Workshop Exploring Race?

No matter where you live, your life has and is altered by your racial identity and the racial dynamics in your country. Your level of awareness of the impact of race on you and others varies from person to person, depending on context, life experience, and […]

Another Magical Winter Session

Often, in a playback theatre course, the group process that happens is something special and unique. It’s wonderful (literally full of wonder) how a group can come together at the beginning of a course, mostly strangers to each other, often tentative, somewhat nervous if not curious, and by the end be incredibly bonded, like a family, with connections that sometimes run deeper than many family bonds.