CPT’s First World-Wide Auction to Spotlight Playback Theatre

September 20 – October 29, 2015


cakeParticipate in an experience that only the worldwide Playback Theatre community could create on this momentous occasion. With the opportunity for each region or country to donate its own unique offering, it will undoubtedly be a spectacular event and it all starts with your contribution beginning now. The proceeds will assist the Centre in providing quality life-changing courses to more locations worldwide extending the many benefits of Playback Theatre.

Celebrate Playback’s Fantastic 40th birthday with a “birthday table” spread of unique gifts and offerings that only you and your nearby Playbackers could gather.

  • A t-shirt/mug from your local Playback Company?
  • A guided vacation in your country?
  • A collection of acoustic “Playback instruments” from your region?
  • A unique recreational and cultural outing?
  • A hand-crafted item that recognizes your culture?
  • A gift certificate for local goods or services online?
  • Autographed arts or culture memorabilia?
  • Professional or hospitality services?
  • A CD from a favorite local musician?
  • Your own artwork?

Birthday-TreeNot a Playbacker but appreciate the form and want to support the Centre?  
Everyone can donate and bid on items and the auction will be live online and open to the public during the dates of Sep. 20 – Oct. 29 2015.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Talk to your local Playback Theatre mates about what you could donate—individually or as a group.
  2. Fill out the online form here: CPT DONATION FORM to submit your donation. You’ll need to provide a photo or picture representing the item/service, a brief description including applicable conditions or expiration, and an estimated value of your donated item or service.
  3. Watch for the announcement of the items being donated and the rollout of the official auction location in late August!
  4. Beginning September 20th, bid on items in the fantastic global array of gifts, purchase special 40th Anniversary T-shirts or simply donate to Playback’s Fantastic 40!
  5. Help us spread the word with this downloadable AUCTION FLYER!

***SPECIAL BONUS*** – The first 40 donors will be entered for a chance to win a free training through the Centre for Playback Theatre valued at more than $750!

For additional information about the auction please contact Heidi Reagan at office@playbackcentre.org.