July 1-4, 2017
Location: Recanto Marista Champagnat, a retreat centre located above the city of Florianópolis, beach city in the south of Brazil.

Let’s explore how music is the link between all dimensions of great Playback. How can the musician perform as an actor? How can the actor and conductor engage more musically? How can we listen for the music that binds a story or short form together? At the music table we will take time with the instruments to explore what they can do. We will look deeply into how music impacts the actions of the actors, the emotional landscape of the forms and the temperament of the audience members throughout a Playback performance. Participants will leave this course with a multifaceted understanding of the harmonious balance between music, performance, and spiritual connection. PLEASE NOTE: this course is not only for musicians. Non-musicians and those who play ALL roles in Playback are welcome and will benefit from this course.

Prerequisite: Core Training or equivalent, or with special permission.

Cost: US$625.00 (which includes meals and accommodation)

Will Chalmus
will-cWill Chalmus (Will C.) is a 2007 cum laude graduate of Brandeis University and current professor for their Theater Arts department. In 2016 Will graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education with a M.Ed in Arts in Education. As a teacher he has trained youth theater skills for personal development in Boston, (MA) USA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Brisbane, Australia. Will is an international administrator, performer, and trainer of Playback Theatre. He is the founder of the Brandeis Playback Theatre Society (2006), Hugsy Playback Theatre Society (2015), and has served as secretary of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Playback Theatre (2008). Additionally, Will has served as a member of the host committee, program committee, and as a home group leader for the 2011 and 2015 International Playback Theatre Network Conference in Germany and Canada respectively. He also enjoys performing music, lyricism, and poetry, and has been part of numerous bands and open mic performances.
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