Essay Ideas

Beijing Opera and PT: Crossing the Bridge

Ethics and the Contract in Playback Theatre

Playback als Mündliches Theater

In Search of the Healing Theatre of Ancient Greece

Some thoughts about spontaneity from a former skeptic.

PT & Zen

Oyeblikkets Teater: Storytelling med Helbredende Effekt

Self Expression Theatre Workshop

Unraveling Words and Weaving Images: Finding the Emerging Story in a PT Performance

Processing a Performance

Playback Theatre and group communication.

Rituale, Räume, Zwischenräume und Dauer

Playback Work with Dreams

Can Playback Theater be Today’s Storytelling? Ritual in Playback Theatre

Playback & Samuel Becket

Issues in Organizations that lend themselves to a Playback Approach

Dealing with Death: A Personal Journey of Healing