August 12th – 13th – (2 Days)
Location: Bulgaria

Being a conductor in Playback Theatre requires a variety of skills, all at the same time. What do we need to pay attention to? How do we juggle the conducting tasks of engaging the audience and guiding the actors? How do we shape a series of questions to effectively warm the audience up to telling stories? How do we awaken our conductor’s brain – attuning to the heart of each story and also recognizing the social dimension of the performance context and the stories? How do we find our own conducting style and work with our strengths? In this dynamic and informative workshop, we will dive deep into conducting practice through games, exercises, and discussion. We’ll build our conducting muscles, hone our awareness of the social dimension and the possibilities it opens, and gain insights into this rewarding and complex role.

Prerequisite: Core Training

Cost: $447.00 Accommodation fees will be paid separately and will cost € 25 per day including breakfast in a double room. Single room is 35 Euro per day.
Closest airport is Burgas, Bulgaria.

A 10% discount will be given for those who attending the International Playback Camp 2017.

Teacher: Sarah Urech
Sarah-portrait-300x275A 22-year practitioner of playback theatre, Sarah Urech is the development director of Hudson River Playback Theatre in New Paltz, New York, and has been acting and conducting together with playback cofounder Jo Salas since 1994. A 1996 graduate and accredited trainer of the Centre for Playback Theatre, Sarah served on the board of the International Playback Theatre Network from 2006 to 2010. She has taught and performed playback in 15 countries and multiple languages. Sarah is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker, a certified psychodramatist, and the assistant director of the Omega Women’s Leadership Center.

Conductor’s Payment

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