As graduates of the 18th Centre for Playback Theatre Leadership, Island of Florianopolis 2017, I want to extend to you all our profound and heartfelt congratulations on the commitment you have brought to bringing your story and the stories of others to the fore in this most precious of media.

Choosing to persevere through the Centre’s path to Leadership takes time, application and tenacity. We recognize the dedication you have all demonstrated: the years of practice prior to this course; your practicum project; your other studies in all walks of life and the journeys, both physical and spiritual that have brought you to this point.

You all contribute your individual skills and artistry, along with passionate experiences to the world using Playback Theatre. We appreciate and value you all for this. What a gift!

I look forward to witnessing the incredible acts of service that will inevitably manifest from this talented group of students from 17 countries, sharing, learning, and telling. What a difference you can make in the wide world.

Let’s watch.

Heidi Reagan
Executive Director
Centre for Playback Theatre