Courses-Sequence-BevChrChiar We encourage students to take courses in the following progression:

Level 1.
Core Training (4-5 day course)

Upon completion of this 1st level of training, the student will have the following skills and/or knowledge: know the basic forms, can accept offers from other actors, can play roles in a story, is willing to be physically expressive, has learned basic geography of the playback stage, has tried the conductor role, knows three basic functions of music in playback and knows 5-part sequence of enacting story.

Level 2.
Conducting and one other 3-5 day course

Student will gain knowledge of the explicit and discrete tasks of the conductor role, explore areas of focus for the conductor and build essential skills towards basic competency in the conductor role.

Selected Topics (3-5 days)
Focus on honing skill in one of the many areas of good Playback practice. Some examples are: Music, acting skills, the arc of the story and company life.

Level 3.
Advanced Skills (4-5 day course) or PT Practice (10-day course)

Advanced students support each other to gain mastery of skills essential to good Playback practice of all Playback roles: Actor, Musician, and Conductor.

Level 4.
Leadership (10-day course). ┬áThis two-week course and online segment culminates in a graduation ceremony and diploma presentation. This is a serious commitment in preparation for playback leadership in your community. In most cases, the completion of Leadership is a requirement for Playback practitioners who want to pursue accreditation. Accredited Playback trainers are recognized for offering highly competent Playback training, mentoring and support. Acceptance into the Leadership course will also take into account the student’s practical experience and the recommendation of a mentor. Please refer to the web site for Independent Study tasks required before attending class and other application details. A number of Independent Study Projects need to be completed before attending the PT Leadership course.

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Advanced placement (for those with previous Playback Theatre experience):

We will have to consider applicants case by case since the nature of Playback experience varies so widely.

Six months’ experience in an active company enables a student to begin at Level 2. Five years’ experience in an active company, including conducting experience enables a student to be considered for advanced placement into Leadership. An “active company” is a company that rehearses and performs in the community on a regular basis.

Graduates receive a diploma.