Preparing for the Playback Theatre Leadership course

The next PT Leadership course being offered will take place in the summer of 2018 in Estonia.  It will consist of two weeks of study and an online component with a graduation ceremony at the end and the presentation of a diploma. Participation in this course requires a serious commitment and prepares you for Playback Theatre leadership in your community.

Prerequisites: To qualify for Leadership, a student must have taken PT Practice at the School, or have been a member of an active company for at least 5 years.

There are will also be an independent study task to be completed before attending the course. Please see the following:

Essay: For the Essay, you want to choose a Playback-related topic and write about it in the most intelligent way you can. Read. Think. Write. Rewrite. The essay will stretch your left-brain skills. Hopefully, it will help you consolidate some aspect of playback theatre in which you have been interested. The length of the essay is not important (students have written from 8-80 pages). Your thinking and writing are Sample essay topics.

In addition to the essay, we ask you to pursue two kinds of additional learning as important background to the course:

Social Awareness:  We ask each student to complete some reading, and if appropriate, take some anti-racism training prior to Leadership.  Why improve your social awareness?

Psychological awareness: We ask all students to undertake some psychodrama study. Please consult with Jonathan Fox about the appropriate numbers of hours for your background and location. Why study psychodrama?

We expect that you will undertake these tasks over an extended period prior to coming to the School.

Independent study project FAQ