What is the Centre’s scholarship policy?
As much as possible we offer financial assistance to anyone who needs it. What we offer depends on your need in relation to that of others, including people from countries with very different economies than the United States. Scholarship applications must be received by January 1 for the Winter Session, May 15 for the Summer Session and 45 days before any other workshop during the year. Please call or email us for a scholarship application.

Am I eligible for advanced placement?
Students belonging to an active Playback Theatre company for six months can be considered for Selected Topic courses without taking Core Training. Students can come directly to Leadership so long as they complete Independent Study projects and have belonged to an active company for five years.

What if I do not speak English fluently?
The Centre welcomes international students. However, good intermediate English is necessary for understanding theory and group discussions. Students are encouraged to use the occasion of coming to the Centre to improve their English.

What does the diploma mean?
A diploma is awarded on graduation from successful course completion. It complements prior Playback practice and formally acknowledges the commitment to training by participants. The diploma primes graduates to bring advanced knowledge of Playback Theatre to their communities and to continue to deepen their understanding of theory and practice. It also opens up the opportunity for graduates to work towards becoming an accredited trainer, should they wish to do so.